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Bioland Farmer of the Year Sönke Strampe

Colorful sweet potato box

Your harvest in best Bioland quality



You'd like to order our Bioland sweet potatoes from the Lüneburg Heath online and have them conveniently delivered to your home? No problem!

Through our partner CrowdFarming®, you can easily order our freshly harvested vegetables online. You'll receive the fresh harvest delivered to your doorstep on your preferred date without any hassle.

In addition to our various organic sweet potatoes, we also offer Hokkaido pumpkins and a combination box for purchase. This allows you to choose between different product packages.

The goods are hand-selected, sustainably packaged, and shipped by us during the harvest season, without any intermediaries.

For those interested in long-term deliveries and supporting our farm sustainably, you can even adopt a portion of our sweet potato and pumpkin fields. This way, you'll receive your personalized harvest box annually at a discounted price.

The following overview shows our current offers and ordering options for the harvest boxes.


Click on the links to go directly to CrowdFarming® to complete your orders. So, don't wait any longer — secure your harvest now and a piece of our organic farm!

We look forward to your order.

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Our Order-Options


Combo Box:

Sweet potatoes & hokkaido

Sweet potato-Box



8 kg


VAT + S&H varies

by destination

From 4 kg


VAT + S&H varies

by destination

From 2.5 Kg


VAT + S&H varies

by destination.

Combo Shipping Box, with a total of 8 kg of delicious autumn vegetables, mixed from Bioland sweet potatoes and Hokkaido pumpkins.

Shipping box, available with 4 kg or 8 kg of fresh organic sweet potatoes from the Lüneburg Heath.

The Orleans variety has a beautiful orange flesh and tastes slightly sweet and mildly nutty.

With an order quantity of 8 kg, you benefit from a discount of 18%.

Shipping box, available with 2.5 kg or 8 kg of Solor variety Hokkaido pumpkins in Bioland quality.

The Hokkaido pumpkin, when cooked, develops a velvety-smooth, almost buttery texture and is pleasantly sweet and aromatic.


Here too, when ordering 8 kg or more, you benefit from a discount of 37%.


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8 kg


VAT + S&H varies

by destination

Shipping Box, with 8 kg of colorful sweet potatoes from our Bioland farm.

The box includes the varieties Orleans (approx. 4 kg/orange), Bonita (approx. 2 kg/white), and Sakura (approx. 2 kg/purple).

Can't find your desired package?

You would like to place an order but haven't found what you're looking for yet?

We want our customers to be happy. Feel free to send us a message and we'll check our options.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Vielen Dank für die Nachricht. Wir antworten so schnell wie möglich.

What else to enjoy?


Unfortunately, with every harvest, there are sweet potatoes that are damaged or have other defects, making them unsuitable for our packages or retail shelves. However, these sweet potatoes are still too valuable to waste, so we turn them into delicious chips for BestFoodies.

Deliciously crispy, 100% organic, with very little fat but lots of love in every bag, they taste simply amazing! We are true fans and wholeheartedly recommend these chips 🖤


Order your bag now and enjoy!

Sönkes Süßkartoffeln Biene Maja


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